The Wilde Group is a creative agency and advisory firm for authors. 

We launch bestsellers, plot legacies and champion great work. A full-service concierge with energy. 

What we do

Creative Marketing 

Public Relations

Launch Management 

Book + Media Coaching 

Concierge Service

Going Wilde

The Wilde Group is a creative strategy firm dedicated to helping authors build their brand and launch bestselling books through a combination of content marketing, influencer partnerships and good old fashioned leg work. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves. 

Writing a book is daunting enough. Releasing one into the world requires a different skill set entirely. It’s our job to take all the heavy lifting out of developing, marketing and promoting your work. This means that we’re with you every step of the way as your trusted advisors, managing your campaign, calling in favors and helping you to grow your platform long before you need it — then expertly executing the launch by your side, making sure that every box gets ticked and every opportunity that comes your way propels you forward.

We are a full service concierge with energy and we’re here to serve. Let’s get Wilde.


Daniel DiPiazza

 Founder of Rich20Something

 Author of Rich20Something, Bestseller 

 Author for INC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Time, Business Insider  

Daniel Thomas Hind

• Founder of EvolutionEat, Transformational Coach

 Formerly worked at WME, NY Literary Dept.

 Author for SUCCESS, Influencive, Thought Catalog, Business Insider

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